Manfred Thierry Mugler was born in Strasbourg, France. Passionate for art since he was born, he also was a fan of Italian realistic cinema, peplums, horror films and musicals, Thierry joined The Opera of the Rhine Ballets at age 14. He worked with the company as a professional dancer for six years. During the same time, he joined the School of Decorative Arts and wore his own self-designed clothes.


In 1974, he created his own label and founded the Thierry Mugler House. Creating a structured and anatomical cut with an impeccable, refined and sexy style, he launched the “unisex suit.” Soon after, he unveiled the new era of the woman-star: He is the first to show the conquering, victorious, strong and sensual woman. He also introduced the revolutionary idea of spectacle within the fashion universe and has been noted for it since then.


In 1992, Thierry and his company Thierry Mugler Parfums create a stunning perfume: Angel. Within just a few years, Angel becomes a great classic. It is among the 10 most sold perfumes in the world, with a No. 1 ranking in France and unequalled success to-date. 

Since 1974, he presented his fashion shows like variety shows. Fashion is for him one possible vehicle to answer his creative wave. His shows are more than fashion parades — they influence the history of the artistic world and the media. Stars of music, fashion and entertainment take part in them. And he conceives it all: music, scenery, choreography and lighting. In 1992, he presents his first haute couture collection at the Ritz Hotel in Paris, demonstrating the perfect alchemy of talent and know-how. 


His March 16, 1996, show, organized for the celebration of the 20th anniversary of The Mugler House at Le Cirque d’Hiver in Paris, is a never-before-seen super production.

In 20 years, there are more than 80 Thierry Mugler shows, featuring everything from insects to chimeras to jellyfish, among many other creatures and phantasmagorias.

From 1984 to 1989, Thierry creates costumes for two opéra-ballets — one for a musical as well as for La Comédie Française, and one for the famous French singer Mylène Farmer.


In 1976, famous photographer Helmut Newton is hired to shoot the first Thierry Mugler campaign. Upset by Thierry’s comments, he suggests Thierry shoot the campaign himself! In 1978, Thierry sets out on his first advertising campaign as a photographer. In 1988, his photographs are published in the book Thierry Mugler Photographer, with a preface by the French Minister of Culture Jack Lang (Editions du Regard, Rizzoli Publications, Thames and Hudson Publications), followed in 1998 by another book: Fashion Fetish Fantasy (General Publishing Group USA), a collection of his work as a photographer, a showman and a fashion designer, also seen by renowned contemporary photographers. Fascinated by the gigantism of natural and human architecture, and by the graphics of nature, his photographer’s vision is a very personal point of view, a resolutely more poetic and more graphic angle on life and the urban universe.




In 1987, Thierry writes and directs a short film, L’antimentale, that airs on the French television channel TF1, and in 1990, French television channel Canal Plus asks him to create and direct four short films for the actors Juliette Binoche, Isabelle Huppert, Victor Lazlow and Dauphine de Jerphanion. The same year, he directs his first advertising film, Gauloises Adventures. 

In 1992, he writes, directs and is responsible for the artistic direction of George Michael’s Too Funky video.

In 1994, Robert Altman asks Thierry to write his own scene for the role that he plays as himself in the film Ready to Wear, and which Thierry co-directs. 

In November 1995, American cable channel VH1 enlisted Thierry to direct the opening of the first “Fashion And Music Awards,” which was broadcast live worldwide. 

In 2002, famous Canadian company Le Cirque Du Soleil called upon the multiple talents of Thierry Mugler to create a completely new variety show in Las Vegas that is a reinvention of music hall and cabaret: Zumanity. He not only creates the costumes but also the characters of the show and directs several acts. The show, launched in September 2003, has been a huge success to date. 

In 2008, world renowned American R&B singer Beyoncé asks for him to assist her on her 2009 worldwide “I am…” tour as an artistic consultant and costume designer. The show is an immediate success and is rewarded in New York with a GLAAD Media Award for the best Off-Off Broadway show of the year. 

The Mugler Follies opened in 2013 at the theater Le Comédia. A wildly moving and entertaining that has renewed the genre of cabaret, it has met with great success since its premiere.

The adventure goes on with the creation of an extraordinary musical, The Wyld, presented in the biggest and most famous European theater in Berlin: the Friedrichstadt-Palast. From 2014–2016, this tribute to the energy of Berlin —as well as to its most famous hostess, Nefertiti — presents over 100 artists and singers in 500 shows, and has been applauded by over 800,000 guests.